About Us

VAT-Rates.com is part of the VATiva / Linkomat group, who provides several services:

  • VAT-Search.com

    VAT-Search aggregates VAT number registers from across the globe to provide single platform for searching and validating VAT numbers. Access to the massive dataset is provided in the form of a web portal, an API and tailor made data cleansing solutions.

  • VAT-Validation.com

    VAT-Validation is connected to nearly all relevant tax authorities in order to validate VAT numbers in real time and in one place. It also offers a fault tolerant way of doing so, such that even when tax authorities aren't reachable, VAT numbers can still be validated within milliseconds.

  • VAT-Monitoring

    VAT-Monitoring 24/7 observes the VAT registers and

  • VATiva.io

    VATiva allows vendors to unlock the value of their account receivables data and automate credit checking, payment terms management and cash flow forecasts through our AI based proprietary solution.